Florida Sheriff Releases Bombshell Statement About Kraft’s Prostitution Solicitation Video

Patriots owner Robert Kraft is dealing with two charges of prostitution soliciting, and he may not keep all the details away from the public. Martin County, Fla., Sheriff William Snyder told CNBC that the video showing the Patriots owner paying for sexual acts will emerge in the media.

Police reveals the Patriots owner was caught on surveillance video entering and receiving sexual services at Orchids of Asia Spa in Jupiter, Fla., on Jan. 19 and 20. Prosecutors charged Kraft with two counts of soliciting prostitution. The case is ongoing, and the videos are still unavailable to the public. The sheriff talked about this.

“I do think ultimately they are probably going to get released,” Snyder said. “Once a case is over, it’s not an ongoing investigation. There has to be a specific reason not to release a public record. And the fact that there is sexual activity is not an exemption.”

The Patriots pleaded not guilty to the charges which come from a prostitution and human-traficking sting that involved several Florida massage parlors. Kraft didn’t accept the prosecutors’ offer to drop them if he admits he would have been found giulty had the case ended up in trial. Kraft’s arraignment is scheduled for March 28.

Kraft and 14 other men filed a motion in Palm Beach, Fla., County Circuit Court for a protective order that blocks the release of the video. Lawyers did the same thing in Martin County.

According to Snyder, a successful motion could prevent the video from public disclosure.

“The question is if they plead guilty and the case goes away, will it be subject to public record?” Snyder said. “I think the answer is likely yes. But until then there is a court order that seals those files.”

This case attracted everyone’s attention, especially because Robert Kraft was involved in the case.

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