Josh McDaniels Salutes Rob Gronkowski With Incredible Statement

We still find it hard to believe that Rob Gronkowski has decided to leave the New England Patriots. Many thought he would stick around for another Super Bowl. However, the tight end decided to make a step forward and try his luck somewhere else. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels released an emotional statement for the tight end.

In his statement, McDaniels thanked Gronkowski for everything he has done on the field. McDaniels was coach in Denver and St. Louis during Gronk’s first couple of years in New England. But, they were together on the field for the final seven years of Gronowski’s professional career.

“I consider myself lucky to have had the pleasure of coaching Rob Gronkowski,” McDaniels said in his statement. “From the day I met him, he has been authentic, real and genuine. His love for life made every day more fun for the people around him. He was the ideal football player — tough, smart, competitive and always played his best under pressure.

“You always felt you had a chance to win with Rob on the field; he had that kind of impact on the game. He is one of the very few players who could control the game offensively in the pass and run game, and he thoroughly enjoyed being great in both areas. His positive approach, incredible energy and pure selflessness made him an absolute joy and pleasure to coach.

“We will miss his contributions to our offense on the field, but maybe more importantly, he will be impossible to replace as a teammate. I have immense respect for the sacrifices he made to help us accomplish our goals as a team, and I am happy that he can walk away on his terms today. There will never be another Gronk.”

McDaniels is definitely right about the part where he says “there will never be another Gronk.”

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