LeBron James Dares Teams to Challenge Him Defensively… ‘Come on With it’

LeBron James has been targeted by haters since the very first moment he stepped in Los Angeles. However, the king is now daring other players to challenge him.

The challenge thing came after someone said LeBron’s defensive power is now low. Well, he has just welcomed others to try him. Confronting him may not be the best thing you can do, right? He is awesome!

“I mean, every team has the right if they want to single me out defensively. Come on with it,” LeBron said. “Hey, listen, come on with it. Every team has the right to be like, ‘Oh, ’Bron’s over there.’ Hey, just come on with it. … We’ll see what happens.”

Here comes the challenge

King James has a strong message for other players in the league, especially those who criticize his defense.

“I really don’t care. Criticism doesn’t bother me,” James told Yahoo Sports after posting 33 points, 10 assists, six rebounds, two steals and a block in 37 minutes [Wednesday night]. “I love to play the game and my teammates know what I do for them and that’s all that matters. … The only thing motivating me is how I can try to help my teammates be successful and trying to win ball games.

“So if [teams are] switching out on me with a guard and me having to try to get a stop, I mean, guys, they’re going to score. These are NBA players. I just try to make it tough on them. I tried to make it tough on Julius [Randle] all night, and obviously he was a monster [with a game-high 35 points], but I tried to make it tough on Jrue as well. To be able to get that stop for our team and then be able to make that shot for our team, that’s motivating for me. That’s all that matters to me.”

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