LeBron James Made ‘Raspberry Sound’ When Asked About Lakers’ Roster Construction

The LeBron James had a terrible season with the Los Angeles Lakers, and the whole thing made him frustrated. Magic Johnson may have made a few wrong moves regarding the roster.

ESPN’s Dave McMenamin reported that LeBron had an interesting response when asked about the front office and their efforts to build a roster of playmakers instead of opting for shooters.

“‘That experiment?’ James said of the roster construction in his debut season with the Lakers.

“James stared out onto the court for a moment, turned his attention back to the conversation, pursed his lips and stuck out his tongue as he trumpeted air out of his mouth, making a raspberry sound.”

LeBron got so many questions about his new team and the games they won and lost. LeBron wasn’t the only player Magic Johnson brought to Los Angeles. Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson, Kentavious-Caldwell Pope and JaVale McGee also signed contracts with the team.

In July, CBS Sports’ James Herbert wrote an article based on the changed LA made to their roster.

“The Lakers could definitely use a sharpshooter on the wing and a stretch-four. If they don’t add anybody who fits either of those descriptions, they will be betting on internal improvement. Kyle Kuzma might be able to bring his 36.6 percent 3-point percentage up when he’s receiving passes from the likes of James, Rondo and an improved Ball. As funky as Ball’s shot looks, he could become more consistent with his long-range jumper in his second season.”

Kyle Kuzma’s percent is at 30.4, and Lonzo Ball is out of the court since January 19 due to an ankle injury. Ball shot 32.9 percent from three-point range in 47 games.

The Lakers rank 29th in three-point percentage (33.0) which puts them just ahead of the Phoenix Suns (32.7). LeBron’s current team is tied for 24th with his former team in offensive efficiency.

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