Look: Tom Brady Autograph Prices Are Higher Than Ever

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady won six rings, and his stock goes up. Believe it or not, the same goes for his autograph.

The GOAT is having a private signing session at the end of March, and sources reveal that his autograph turns out to be really pricey. Wow! It sure is a nice investment after all.

In Feb. 2017, a signed photo of Brady cost $850. This year you can get it for $1,079. When it comes to getting your jersey signed, Brady will do it for $1,099. In 2017, he was signing jerseys for $1,200. Artists will have to give some extra cash. TB12 will sign original Tom Brady paintings for $2,199.

New England Picture is holding the session, and they have organized several Brady signings in the past.

Believe it or not, the public isn’t allowed to attend the signing, and fans will have to submit their items beforehead. Well, fans would do anything for a Brady autograph, right? The man is winning Super Bowls, so yes, take my money, please.

Even legends agree on this one.

”I think he could orchestrate,” Jerry Rice said. “He’s just like, to me, he’s just like — and I know we don’t like to make comparisons and stuff like that — but he’s got the smarts of a Joe Montana. We know that he’s not going to be able to run the ball or anything like that, but his offensive line is so superior and they do not let anybody get their hands on Tom Brady. And, I’m sitting there and I’m saying, ‘Why can’t anyone get to Tom Brady?’ But, okay, I think if you stack the box, you’re going to take away the run.

“He’s just going to take those five to 10-yard passes and he’s going to have the patience to move the ball all the way down the football field. So, when it comes to smarts and all that — his arm strength, his accuracy, his decision making on the football field — and, I’ll always talk about having that extra ‘it.’ He has that extra ‘it.’ And I think the players know that. They know that they can win with Tom Brady if they’ve got time on the clock. So, you’ve got to give the guy his just due. He’s doing some amazing things right now and we’ve just got to wait and see how this situation’s going to play out.”

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