Patriots Upgrade Gillette Stadium Facade To Reflect Latest Super Bowl Triumph

The New England Patriots won Super Bowl LIII, and the team is now getting ready for another Super Bowl. Gillette Stadium has just received a makeover.

The Patriots updated the outer facade of the stadium Thursday to reflect their huge win. The five Super Bowls the Patriots won were listed on one of the Gillette Stadium walls. Workers have now added “LIII” to the wall.

New England shared a video of the job they did. There’s also an audio, and we believe fans of other teams will get super annoyed this time.

The rest of the league should be on notice. There is only one way to stop the team from updating the facade of the stadium.

This is not the first time that New England is making headlines with their stadium. Things got really bad after team owner Robert Kraft was involved in a massive prostitution sting in Jupiter, Florida. There was a petition on, and too many people became interested in it. With the right number of signatures, the petition would force the stadium to cut ties with the Patriots.

The petition came right after the scandal broke.

“We’re asking Gillette to stop sponsoring Gillette Stadium, the home stadium for the New England Patriots — owned by Robert Kraft, who was just arrested during a human trafficking sting operation,” the petition said.

The team behind the petition demands that Gillette turns their words into action in referrence to the tagline, “the best men can be.”

Obviously, it didn’t work. The Patriots are changing their stadium to brag a little about their success. It seems like things are turning really good for Robert Kraft. He may be freed of charges as the video evidence was probably obtained illegally. Kraft’s legal team is doing their best to save his reputation.

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