Photos: Rob Gronkowski Sells Awesome Boston Condo For Insane Price

Is Rob Gronkowski leaving Boston? Because he just sold his amazing condo for some nice cash.

The former Patriots tight end sold his condo for $2.3 million, and he bought it a few years ago. Well, it’s time to move on, and Gronk said goodbye in a pretty fancy way. Sources reveal he earned $400,000 in profit after selling the place with Douglas Elliman agent George Sarkis.

The condo is insane!

This condo is pretty much everything you’d want to own. If you are a Boston superstar, of course. It’s a 2,100 square food penthouse with a brilliant rooftop deck and BBQ spot. And it’s right next to the bars and restaurants in the Seaport District. How amazing is that?

You can tell it was a home of an athlete by looking at all the sports memorabilia on the walls. Each of them has a special meaning for the tight end, and the most precious pieces include jerseys of his brothers Dan, Chris and Glenn. In one of the paintings, Rob stands right next to his brothers in their uniforms.

Do we know anything about Gronk’s next move? I don’t think so. The former tight end is free to go wherever he wants, and he’s got all the money in this world to do that. Gronk earned over $53 million during his career with the Patriots. We haven’t even mentioned his endorsement money. Gronkowski doesn’t like to spend too much, and some say hasn’t touched his football money.

The big guy did an incredible job during his career with the Patriots, and he can do whatever he wants. Gronkowski struggled a lot with his injuries, and 2018 was a bad season for him. He missed out games and wasn’t healthy. That man deserves some rest, and he can come back whenever he wants. Is he interested in a fourth Super Bowl maybe?

“It’s time,” Gronk said, as confirmed by his agent Drew Rosenhaus. “I just won another championship. I’m going out on top. I just want to do nothing for a while. I just want to be me. I just want to have fun.”

So, good luck with your future plans, Gronk, you deserve that.

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