Photos: Shirtless Bill Belichick Pulls Ultimate Vacation Power Move Right Before Start Of 2019 NFL Free Agency

What’s the best way to celebrate a Super Bowl win? Going on a trip to Barbados. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is having his well-deserved vacation with his long-time girlfriend Linda Holliday.

Barbados is the place to be, and Bill Belichick knows it best. According to many, this was the ultimate power move. Unlike his colleagues, Belichick didn’t spend the final weekend before free agency trying to improve his team. The Patriots head coach jumped on a plane and headed to one of the Caribbean’s most gorgeous islands. Oh, I would really love to go to Barbados, and you!

“While NFL teams are in a mad scramble to make moves before free agency starts, Bill Belichick was pictured in Barbados days ago — unbothered,” Donte Stallworth tweeted.

The fan part comes when you realize that Belichick is actually a human being that likes to take days off once in a while. Moreover, tight end Rob Gronkowski is not the only Patriot who likes to take the shirt off. We didn’t see a hoodie on that beach in Barbados. Belichick wears hoodies everywhere!

Believe it or not, Belichick made the Michael Bennett trade while tanning in the Caribbean.

The brilliant coach looks great for his age.

One thing stands for sure: The Patriots are building their roster without other NFL teams knowing what they are actually doing. Free agency wasn’t the main priority for the organization, and you can tell that by just watching at the latest moves Belichick made.

In the first couple of days of free agency, many teams signed former Patriots players that Belichick considered expendable. Instead of spending too much for the players, Belichick just watched other teams do it. That’s what makes New England such a force in the league, and they aren’t stopping in near future. Good luck, guys!

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