Prosecutors Came Up With Decision On Releasing Evidence Of Kraft’s Prostitution Scandal

Patriots owner Robert Kraft would probably hope that the prostitution sting video isn’t made public, but it seems like prosecutors have something else on his mind.

Kraft and 14 other suspects filed a motion Wednesday in Florida seeking to prevent the release of the evidence related to the scandal. The “evidence” also contains video footage from the Patriots owner from inside the day spa. The State’s Attorney’s Office in Palm Beach County declined to join in on the motion the Patriots owner signed. This is a huge problem, and suspects will sure have a terrible headache. Prosecutors agreed to protect the evidence, and this changes it all.

If prosecutors protect the evidence, judges will sure sign off on it. But, Kraft and the other men involved in the scandal are left alone with their motion, and we don’t really think that things will work their way.

We would like to ask one specific question  – why did the State’s Attorney decide to make a step back and avoid any cooperation with Kraft? This is an open investigation and the police has already said to be concerned about alleged victims. When asked about this, the State’s Attorney’s Office had no comment.

The Patriots owner and the other men involved in the sting were offered a plea deal. This deal would make Kraft complete a course about prostitution, do 100 hours of community service and submit to a STD test. Kraft would have to say he is guilty. What would they get in turn? Freedom. But, prosecutors probably knew that the shame would be enough to punish the Patriots owner.

Kraft didn’t agree with prosecutors and didn’t accept their deal. the offered terms don’t work for him, and prosecutors didn’t get things their way. So, this video is their only weapon. Will they use it?

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