Report: Patriots Aggressively Tried To Sign TE Due To Gronkowski’s Unstable Future

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski still makes headlines, and this time people are not interested in his tropical vacation or the skiing adventure. The Patriots fans want to know more about his future plays. Will Gronk retire? Is he coming back to New England?

The Gronk saga won’t end in near future as the tight end has yet to make a decision regarding his future career with the team. In 2018, Gronkowski was unsure about his retirement. He is 29, but has a thick history of injuries, and that has affected his body a lot. Injuries aren’t the only thing that could help Gronk make a decision on his time with the Patriots. The tight end has got an acting and wrestling career right outside the stadium, and he may easily decide to try his luck somewhere else.

Some say the Patriots’ defeat motivated the tight end to return to the field. He won a Lombardi Trophy, and may leave the game as a winner.

New England can’t trade Gronkowski, and they are having a second look at free agency. Will they replace Grok? The Score reports that the Patriots tried to land Jared Cook. They failed to sign him as he decided to go to New Orleans. Cook knew he was one of the best players available. Signing with the Patriots was probably not an option for him as there is still a chance for Gronk to come back.

Cook’s decision to sign with New Orleans is definitely a result of Gronk’s potential return. The veteran tight end better make a decision and stop playing games with everybody’s minds. The Patriots better have a plan B just in case Gronk decides to leave the team. Finding a solution is of utmost importance at the moment, and new England better find one before it’s too late.

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