Report: Robert Kraft Will Not Accept Plea Deal Which Would Drop Solicitation Charges

Patriots owner Robert Kraft is determined to continue his legal fight.

Jake Tapper of CNN reported that the Patriots owner and his team disapprove the plea deal that would entail Kraft admitting his guilt.

“A source familiar with the case tells CNN’s @jasoncarrollcnn & Kevin Conlon that New England @Patriots owner Robert Kraft will not accept the plea deal offered by Florida prosecutors in the Orchids of Asia day spa case,” Tapper tweeted.

Florida prosecutors offered to drop the misdemeanor solicitation charges and they are hoping to get a public admission that he was involved in the alleged sexual acts at the Orchids of Asia day spa.

This deal is a standard piece that’s commonly added to first-time offenders. Prosecutors probably believe that the Patriots owner’s hit in the court of public opinion is enough. Kraft has an excellent financial status, so he would never end up in jail.

Police reports suggest that officials have footage of the Patriots owner both paying and engaging in sex acts at the day spa. However, Kraft denied that he committed any of the crimes he is charged for.

The NFL will still punish Kraft regardless of what happens during the process. This is nothing but a black mark on the shield. We do believe that Kraft will fight for his name and reputation when he will have his arraignment on March 28.

Things are getting really hot, and we can only imagine the further development of events. This is the last thing Kraft needed at the moment. Is this the way to celebrate a Super Bowl win? Of course not.

T.J. Quinn of reports that the request for an admission that he would have been convicted is a “non-starter” for him.

“Expect intense negotiations over the next week in advance of Kraft’s scheduled March 28 court date,” Quinn tweeted.

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