Robert Kraft Has A Whole New Argument For Keeping His Massage Parlor Video Out Of The Public

Jupiter police says that Patriots owner Robert Kraft doesn’t want the public to get the video from the Orchids of Asia Day Spa. According to them, the Patriots owner received sexual acts in return for money. Kraft’s legal team tried to argue there are pieces of the state’s public record law that prevents the video from being made available to the public.

Robert Kraft’s lawyers chose a completely different approach. They argue that the recording by the police wasn’t supposed to be allowed, meaning it needs to be suppressed from the case. These reasons should be enough for the judge to block its release to the public.

That’s what defense lawyers do to eliminate the evidence against their client. We all know that illegally obtained evidence shouldn’t be used in court. In Kraft’s investigation, law enforcement in Jupiter said they had a search warrant to place the cameras inside the parlors. However, lawyers say that the videos are nothing but “fruits of an unlawful sneak-and-peak search warrant.

Kraft’s legal team outlined several reasons that make them believe the video evidence was “obtained in flagrant violation of the laws of Florida and the United States.”

Law enforcement didn’t use less invasive methods of investigation before using he cameras. The recording methods are described as “categorically unnecessary and inappropriate.”

The warrant had “no instructions for the video monitors to guide them as to when to stop recording, instead authorizing them to record everything that occurred while the cameras were on.”

In Florida, wiretapping isn’t allowed when it comes to investigating prostitution.

These are some of the reasons that make us think Kraft was right the whole time. This case is shady to the max, and there are new facts making the light of the day. What will happen next? Is Kraft walking free.

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