Tedy Bruschi Gets Promoted To ESPN’s Sunday NFL Coundown

Tedy Bruschi is pretty serious about his professional career, and he will now take the seat left by Charles Woodson on the network’s pregame show, Sunday NFL Countdown.

Woodson put an end to his three-year run on the show, and Bruschi is now taking his place. We will really enjoy his analysis on Sundays. The New York Post reported that there may be “additional changes to the main team” that may come prior to the new season. Bruschi is the right fit for the Sunday NFL Countdown.

Sam Ponder hosted the show alongside Randy Moss, Rex Ryan and Matt Hasselbeck.

Bruschi retired in 2009 after playing 13 years with the Patriots. He joined ESPN and became one of the most recognizable faces of the network. The former Patriot isn’t the first player to join the broadcasting world. Randy Moss, Damien Woody, Rob Ninkovich, Troy Brown, Jerod Mayo, Ty Law, and Scott Zolak are also part of the show.

Woody knows why cameras like Patriots this much. He appeared on NBC Sports Boston’s The Michael Holley Podcast and talked on the matter.

“I think, number one, when you’re part of a winning team, people want a piece of that. That’s first and foremost,” Woody told Holley. “The Patriots have won a lot, man. More so than any other team over the past decade-plus. People want a piece of that. They want you to take them behind the curtain: Why was that organization so successful?”

“All the guys that you mentioned, because we played under Bill, we’ve got a unique perspective of the game of football,” Woody said. “Bill taught us so much about the game of football. Not a lot of people are privy to that. I think that’s what separates Bill from all the other coaches, is how he teaches you the game of football. And so now you have all these on TV who can give you the nuances of those nuggets that fans just really crave. Because it’s not about the stats. It’s about the little things that you can tell fans that they can’t get on a stat sheet or a highlight.”

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