Titans’ Adam Humphries Reveals Mind-Spinning Patriots’ Contract Offer

Adam Humphries went on the “RapSheet and Friends” podcast to talk about the contract New England offered him.

Adam Humphries decided to become free agent after spending four seasons with his team. He agreed to sign a contract with the Tennessee Titans, but the Patriots may change his mind.

“I had kind of made my mind up on Tennessee. The number was good. That was exciting,” Humphries said. “And then the defending world champs come calling and come with a really strong offer. That kind of had my mind spinning. I knew obviously they are great at my skill set and guys similar to the way I play, they’ve done a great job with that.”

Humphries kept his word last week and agreed to ink a four-year deal with the Titans worth $36 million. Humphries had 76 catches, 816 yards and five touchdowns. He was often mentioned as a top target for the New England Patriots. Did he make the right decision to say ‘no’ to the New England Patriots? Let’s see what happens next.

Ian Rapoport sensed a few things about the whole thing, and triggered a deeper response from Humphries.

“Yeah, I think everyone has noticed that,” Humphries laughed. “That was one of the things, you know, I felt like everyone expected me to go [to New England], and I kind of wanted to create my own way and help the Tennessee Titans become a really powerful team. I was sticking to my guns, my initial decision, and I’m happy I did that. Like I said the whole time, it was stressful, it was tough, a lot of great offers on the table. It’s hard to come down and make that final decision. Either way it would have been awesome, and I’m just excited to play at the highest level.”

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