Tom Brady Introduces His Dad As Keynote Speaker At Fundraiser

Tom Brady Sr. is a proud dad of TB12, and he had the honor to have his son introduce him as a keynote speaker at a benefit?

Brady’s father gave the keynote address at Junipero Serra High School’s Annual Fund A Dream Scholarship Benefit. The Patriots quarterback is a former Junipero Serra name, and he introduced his dad.

TB12 didn’t attend the event in the Bay Area, but made a nice video introduction from his home. It was emotional and lovely.

“I’ve always learned so much from my dad about giving back,” Brady said. “He’s certainly someone that has given back to everyone that’s even been a part of his life. Even if you haven’t been a part of his life he was always someone that was welcoming people into our homes. He always felt people deserved your best and that’s what you should give them every day. I always took that to heart because my dad lived it. He was so accepting and so loving. I grew up watching him pour his heart into his family, his friends, our entire community. Whether it was at St. Gregory’s or on to Serra High School or beyond. 

“Going to Serra High School was something that was an incredible privilege. I was incredibly proud of it and the bond that I have with the school and all my fellow classmates is something that I always feel. We’re all a family and I love the Padres community. 

“As you guys can obviously tell by now, I love my dad so much. Dad, I look up to more than anyone in this world, so everyone in the audience, trust me, you guys are in for the speech of a lifetime tonight. Enough pressure for you dad? 

“Anyway it’s truly an honor to present to you now the man, the myth, the legend, the original Tom Brady. Go get ’em dad. I love you.”

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