Tom Brady Shares Hilarious Star Wars Themed Photo From Family Ski Trip

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had a lot of fun at the ski trip he enjoyed recently, but his fans weren’t too happy about it.

TB12 decided to spend the weekend at the super expensive  and exclusive Yellowstone Club, and that family skip trip was one of the ways to relax and get ready for the new season. Well, it’s not like Brady relaxed. Brady prepared for the big challenge by asking for advice on how to get more air when he goes off jumps. Lindsey Vonn even agreed to help the GOAT. It was a big joke, of course.

The quarterback took to Instagram on Sunday morning to check in while riding a chairlift. His ski gear is super fancy, and Brady’s story was more than hilarious.

Is Brady trying to look like Kylo Ren, a famous master of the Dark Side of The Force?

Brady promised to play until 45 and he is the best shape ever. He is not going anywhere in near future, and this ski trip showed us that he is always ready for more. The Patriots quarterback is a really competitive athlete, and he never backs down. Some said that he would retire after the 2018 season, but Brady said no. He is ready for more.

Joe Flacco knows it best.

“I mean, shoot, with Tom Brady now, quarterbacks are playing until they’re about 60 years old,” he said. “Listen, I’m as healthy as I’ve ever been, I’m as physical as I’ve ever been. Obviously at any time something crazy can happen, but barring anything crazy happening I’m as healthy as I can be and as physical and ready to go as ever. So I’m excited about what lies ahead for me and my future and I’m not putting a number on how much time I’ve got left to play. I want to play as long as I can and hopefully they’re dragging me out of this building a long time from now.”

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