Tom Brady Shares Instagram Photo From His Ski Vacation

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his family are having some really good time in Montana, and that ski vacation is the right way to get enough energy for the upcoming season.

However, the Patriots nation isn’t too thrilled about Brady’s ski vacation, because injured quarterbacks can’t win Super Bowls, right?

Brady shares pics of his vacation, and this time she shared a pic of the beautiful view he enjoys every day.

Brady got ready for his family vacation with the help of some films, and he seems to be impressed with Lindsey’s techniques. However, he will have to be careful about those hills and the skis. Lindsey is a professional, and Brady is a competitive person, so he will definitely try to impress himself and his fans. But, his fans are actually scared.

“I was taking way too much time getting into this jump,” Brady said in the video of a painful incident, “I pushed off and I was way ahead of my skis, and then full left shoulder — that was a lot of pain. I was watching some old film. I was taking way too much time getting into this jump, and I pushed off, I was way ahead of my skis, and then full left shoulder…it was a lot of pain.

“I’ve actually been studying Lindsey. She’s got a way bigger hill, way more speed, and she’s perfectly balanced. So I think I just need a way bigger hill and way more speed! That’s what it’s gotta be – let’s go!” Brady said about the slopes champion.

Lindsey jumped in to respond, and said, “Dude… this is pretty awesome. Pro tip – stay balanced over your skis.”

The GOAT is going for another ring this year, and nothing will change that. The Patriots have added a few new players, and it is more than certain that head coach Bill Belichick has everything under control.

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