Watch: LeBron James Makes Bold Statement On Minutes Restriction

The Los Angeles Lakers are having a terrible season, and LeBron James’ workload is now monitored closely. King James played 31 minutes and 47 seconds in the 111-98 loss to the Toronto Raptors. He finished with 29 points and six assists. He is now talking about his minutes restriction.

According to LeBron, the minutes restriction is actually a mental challenge for him.

Kawhi Leonard led the game for the Raptors, and he finished with 26 points and eight rebounds.

Reporters asked LeBron a few questions, and one of them involved his status for Friday’s game. He said he doesn’t know whether he will hit the floor Friday.

“It’s challenging for me mentally because I’m so accustomed to being out on the floor, especially when I’m healthy,” LeBron said. “You know, but it’s a conversation between myself and my trainer and the coaching staff and the front office, and this is the direction that they wanted to go the remainder of the season given the lack of success we’ve had with our ballclub. So I trust the people in charge, and that’s what it is.”

Rajon Rondo scored 13 points, and the other players had even less points. Kyle Kuzma and Reggie Bullock had five of 18 shots.

“We had some turnovers, and we had some offensive rebounds that we gave up, at critical points of time of the game,” LeBron said. “Sometimes two or three guys would be on the ball and they would come up with it. You can’t dictate if you can make shots from the perimeter or not … but some of the things that you can control is turnovers, we had 20, and some of the offensive rebounds we gave up.”

According to latest reports, LeBron will miss the next game. How many games is he expected to miss?

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