Watch: LeBron James Makes Bold Statement On Russell Westbrook’s Incident With Fan

LeBron James is one of the many NBA names who supported Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook after the heated exchange with Utah Jazz fan Shane Keisel during the match in Salt Lake City.

We watched the video in which Westbrook told Keisell, “I’ll f— you up. You and your wife.” Westbrook told reporters that Keisel and his wide were disrespectful and accused them of racism. Keisel has a different story, and he may sue Westbrook.

“I did not see it when it happened,” LeBron said. “Obviously I heard about it today, I wanted to get all the information before I even commented on it. I think that situation, the fan was out of line and what he said to Russ, there comes a point where it’s about respect and the only thing we’ve got in life is respect, at the end of the day. We can play basketball, we can report about the game, you guys can cover the game, but at the end of the day as a man, all you guys show respect. That guy crossed a line. It was funny that he tried to backtrack and say what he didn’t do, I’ve never seen a fan get interviewed like that before… And as bad as social media is, the good thing in social media came out when they went through everything he said about Russ, and said about other people in his little timeline.

“Obviously Russ is a very passionate guy, but Russ is married with three kids. A set of twins. And no matter if you like him or love him, or the way he plays the game, the guy is one of the most loyal people I know, one of the most down to earth guys that I know and that guy just took it too far on the other end. they could have missed some words, Russ could have said it a little bit differently, but at the end of the day he was right and the guy was in the wrong… I salute the Utah Jazz in what their organization did and we move forward. But fans understand that they pay hard-earned money to watch our beautiful game and watch out beautiful players and I respect that, but there’s a fine line when you got to the disrespectful side. Am I cheering my team on? Am I heckling the opposing guy? Or am I crossing a line. And there’s a fine line, well there’s not a fine line, that line is very bold. Everyone knows that when you’re crossing that line. So there it is.”

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