Colin Cowherd Floats Bold Theory About Patriots Trading Up To Get No. 8 Pick

The New England Patriots have added a bunch of great players to their roster, and head coach Bill Belichick is expected to make the biggest move ever. The head coach and the team are well equipped when it comes to draft picks and have a few holes to take care of. Experts are already asking questions, and one of them involves the potential trade in the first round of the NFL Draft. Colin Cowherd has a nice theory, and if he is right, the Patriots may go higher than you think.

Cowherd suggested that New England may go all the way up to the No. 8 pick in the first round of the drafts by way of a trade deal with the Detroit Lions. We can’t really say “no” to this thinking, and the idea is acceptable in some aspects. Cowherd didn’t have something solid to hold on, but his theory sure got us thinking.

“Got a feeling and this is unsourced….Patriots move up to number 8 spot in NFL Draft. Matt Patricia is tight w NE peeps and Detroit Lions looking to move down. (I am told rare year Belichick would move up). Cya in 15 minutes”

If you think better, this sure makes a perfect sense. Cowherd explains that Belichick and Lions head coach Matt Patricia are really close. Patricia was part of the Patriots coaching staff for really long time. Moreover, Lions general manager Bob Quinn spend fifteen years in New England before heading to the Motor City. The two teams got even close to inking a blockbuster trade deal a year ago which included now-retired tight end Rob Gronkowski. The deal went down the hill, and Gronk stayed another team with the team, helping them win Super Bowl LIII.

When it comes to Gronk, going up would help the team replace the All-Pro. Noah Fant and T.J. Hockenson are projected first-round picks, and they will probably be gone when New England drafts at No. 32. Will the Patriots move up and land a quarterback? Tom Brady will be 42 next season, and the team better work on a backup plan in case he decides to leave. But, he isn’t going anywhere in near future.

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