Jets Head Coach Making It Mission To Beat New England Patriots

Jets head coach Adam Gase made a bold statement about the defending champions, and let’s just say that he surprised us a lot. The New England Patriots won Super Bowl LIII, and Gase didn’t really like it. So, he made sure everyone knows that he came to the big city to defeat the New England Patriots. Gase delivered this message to his team, and we believe he is determined to turn his dreams into reality.

“He’s going for that one team that’s been winning every single year in the division,” Jets linebacker C.J. Mosley told media members. “He said that’s one of the main reasons he came here. We all believe that. And the guys that are the new additions to the team … we’re pretty much here for the same reason. We know what team’s been up top for a long time. We feel we have the tools, the players and the game-plan to get that done.

“At the end of the day, history shows who we have to beat to get to that top spot. Not overlooking anybody else in the division definitely or anybody else on our schedule, but we know if you want to get to where we got to be, we know what chair we got to knock off.”

Did Gase forget that the Patriots have owned the division for two decades? Even Sam Darnold knows it. He knows that the Patriots have run the division for his entire life. The Pats won six Lombardi Trophies in the Brady-Belichick era, and won 15 of the last 16 division titles.

Gase gave his team enough confindence for the upcoming season.

“It starts off from a mental standpoint,” Mosley said. “You got to know where you are. You got to know where the team is with a new set of coaches on both sides. The intensity that the coaches (have) themselves to get us in the right position brings a mentality to the players. We feed off that energy. If they’re confident, then that makes us confident. When we’re both confident together – especially knowing our game-plan and what we can and can’t do – that can make us a dangerous team.”

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