Ex-Packers’ Comments About Aaron Rodgers Make it Clear Why Everyone Wants to Join Tom Brady

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is better than Aaron Rodgers in so many aspects. These two have been part of the GOAT debate for quite some time. But, not many players agree that Rodgers is the teammate of your dreams.

Former Packers receiver Greg Jennings said Rodgers was an “ultrasensitive source of toxicity.” The worst comments didn’t come from him.

Former Green Bay tight end Jermichael Finley didn’t have something good to say about the quarterback.

“A-Rod wants his,” he said. “He wants to eat. He cares about his yards, his completions. He’s going to have a hard time.That’s like an addict. You tell an addict to change his ways when he’s been stuck in his ways so long. I think it’s going to be very tough. I thought he’d be able to grow out of it, but, (expletive), you give a guy more money, there’s more attitude, more diva-ness…”

That’s not everything.

“In my opinion, he’s a different guy,” Finley said. “I didn’t really know how he showed his leadership. He wasn’t a vocal guy. He really wasn’t a hands-on guy. To tell you the truth, it was all about his game and his stats in my opinion. … He was a guy that kept it all in. He kept grudges close to his chest. If you did something, he never really let it go. He always kept it close to his heart.

“I just don’t think he was a natural-born leader. He wasn’t put on Earth to lead. But Aaron Rodgers is so scared of what guys are going to say that he doesn’t say nothing at all. He doesn’t get vocal. He goes into his little shell. He’s not a guy who hangs out with the fellas. He’s real self-centered.”

Ty Dunne wrote a piece about Rodgers, but the source decided to stay anonymous.

“There’s no explanation for him playing any worse,” said the source. “People are trying to figure it out. He’s a f–king head case. He knows he’s doing the wrong thing, and he’s so arrogant and prideful that he thinks he can separate his personal life from his professional life, even though all of us know that’s impossible. You can’t do that. You can do that in little spurts, like when Brett Favre went out and played amazingly when he loses his Dad. But when you’re talking about real situations that aren’t all of a sudden circumstantial and you f–k over good people, people you’re supposed to love, it’s a s–tty thing to do and you’re going to get humbled.

“You can’t live like that, man. The people who live like that end up getting f–ked over. That’s kind of what’s happening here, but he’s so prideful and will never admit he’s wrong. Ever.”

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