Julian Edelman Has A Compelling Idea For Patriots Next Tight End

The New England Patriots will look for a chance to boost their roster in the NFL Draft. Thursday night is important for the team as they are looking for fresh power. The team lost a few players in free agency, and tight end Rob Gronkowski decided to retire. In other words, head coach Bill Belichick may have to find a talented tight end to fill the empty position Gronk left behind. Gronkowski is retired, and the Patriots definitely need to boost that position. Replacing Gronk is almost impossible. We all know that there won’t be another Gronk.

“It’s hard to imagine there ever will be a football player like Rob Gronkowski,” Ryan Hannable wrote. “There won’t be a player who can single-handedly win a game for a team like Gronkowski did in 2017 at Pittsburgh when he finished with 168 total yards, including three straight receptions on the final drive in the closing minutes going for 26, 26 and 17 yards to set up the eventual game-winning score.

“There won’t be a tight end who can score 18 touchdowns in a single season (2011) to lead the entire NFL in that category.”

“On the field, Gronkowski was a once in a lifetime player who will one day be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. You never know what could happen down the road with a player being just as dominant on the field, but what makes it almost a guarantee there will never be another Gronkowski is the way he was off the field.”

But, we can still fantasize and get creative. Receiver Julian Edelman is really creative. He had a nice plan, and it involves landing one of the best college athletes available at the moment.

According to Edelman, Zion Williamson is more than welcome. Was he trying to note that Zion declared for the wrong draft?

Edelman’s teammates did the same thing. They are all looking for a tight end. Quarterback Tom Brady took to Twitter to recruit Zdeno Chara.

Take a second and imagine Chara and Williason on the field right next to Edelman and Brady? That’s crazy at so many levels.

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