LeBron James Accidentally Shouts Out James Bond Actor for Sporting His Shoes During Blazers-Nuggets

Lakers star LeBron James knows how to keep his fans busy, and this time he decided to talk about his LeBron 16s and James Bond.

Yes, LeBron is in full offseason mode, and he has enough time to have fun with his family and fans. We know that LeBron will also enjoy sipping his favorite wine and talking to his fans. LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers missed the playoffs, and the star player is focused on the games. He watched the game 1 of the Blazers and Nuggets series Monday night, and actually made a mistake.

The whole thing started when LeBron took to Twitter to make a few remarks about the game, and he sort of messed everything up.

“Daniel Craig, Moe Harkless and Meyers Leonard all rocking those “Martin” LeBron 16 on court in same game,” LeBron wrote. “Man still so surreal seeing my kicks on others on and off the court.”

Fans noticed the mistake, and rushed to fix the mistake. They told LeBron that he made a mistake with the names, adding that Daniel Craig is actually a former James Bond actor. The Lakers star deleted the tweet, but made a joke about it.

“Torrey Craig, Moe Harkless, Meyers Leonard all rocking the “Martin” LeBron 16 on court tonight! Still so surreal to see on and off the court man!” LeBron fixed his mistake.

LeBron laughed on his own mistake, but said that he would really love to see Daniel Craig sporting his shoes.

“Wouldn’t mind seeing Daniel Craig in them in 007 movie as well.”

LeBron also promised his fans to make a Q&A session on Twitter, and let’s just say that we’ve been waiting for this for too long. Fans are interested in all the details regarding LeBron’s deal with the Lakers, the Anthony Davis’ trade, Magic Johnson’s resignation and the firing of head coach Luke Walton. That would be something you don’t want to miss, and we can already make a few guesses regarding those questions.

It’s definitely nice to see LeBron using his time to communicate with his fans. That’s how great stars behave.

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