Prosecutor Insults Robert Kraft’s Lawyer With Inappropriate Comment

Patriots owner Robert Kraft is caught in the middle of a huge scandal, and his legal team is now facing a different sort of pressure. The whole case turned into a profanity-laced stage, and one particular prosecutor was really frustrated with how the case goes. He was actually pissed off at Kraft’s lawyer.

South Florida is on fire, and the hearing was really heated. Kraft’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, was all over Jupiter PD detective, and an Assistant State Attorney Elizabeth Neto got really annoyed. She stood up and expressed her disapproval of the line of questioning. It’s strange how things ended up with a swear word.

The judge intervened and allowed Spiro to proceed with his questions, the prosecutor whispered, “What an a**hole.”

We don’t really know if anyone else heard it, but TMZ picked it up on a microphone. No one reacted, of course. Well, it wasn’t a loud remark.

The Patriots owner has already apologized for the scandal. The Patriots nation supports him, and Kraft is hoping to get out of the scandal without any damage. His reputation is already affected, and the NFL will conduct an investigation to determine whether Kraft is guilty.

“I am truly sorry,” Kraft said in his statement. “I know I have hurt and disappointed my family, my close friends, my co-workers, our fans and many others who rightfully hold me to a higher standard. The last thing I would ever want to do is disrespect another human being. I have extraordinary respect for women; my morals and my soul were shaped by the most wonderful woman, the love of my life, who I was blessed to have as my partner for 50 years.” 

However, not everyone supports Kraft, and some people used the opportunity to humiliate him and his power.  D.L. Hughley is one of those people.

“I think the NFL is hypocritical,” he said. “I do. I think that they didn’t want Colin Kaepernick to have a job in the NFL because he took a knee. Robert Kraft was one of the main detractors. He didn’t want him to get a job. He got busted in a prostitution ring. So, apparently, to the NFL … a black man on one knee is too much, but a hooker or two is alright. So, the NFL has a problem with the number of knees you take. So I think we should see. And I think they get a chance to see how hypocritical they are.”

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