Prosecutors Came Up With New Decision On Robert Kraft’s Human Trafficking Charges

Patriots owner Robert Kraft is getting rid of some of the pressure he was dealing with these weeks. He was caught in the middle of a huge scandal, but it turns out that there isn’t really a reason for him to be put into trial. Prosecutors did their best to win the case against Kraft and even humiliate him publicly with the pre-trial deal. However, they can’t build a case on human trafficking. There was no such thing.

Prosecutors ruled that the Orchids of Asia day spa will not be charged with human trafficking. They didn’t find any evidence to prove this activity, and this is actually great news for Robert Kraft and his legal team. This may even block the release of the video evidence.

Prosecutor Greg Kridos spoke up to bring out some details about the charges. “There is no human trafficking that arises out of this investigation,” adding that the case “had all the appearances of human trafficking” at the beginning. He then compared it to a traffic stop when someone is suspected of dealing drugs. If none are found, the police lets the suspect go.

Kraft’s lawyers used the new plot twist in favor of their client.

“It’s basically pornography,” said Kraft’s lawyer William Burck at a hearing in Palm Beach County Court. “There’s no need to see the video unless you actually have a prurient interest in seeing the video. There’s no need for that to be released” for the public to understand what Kraft allegedly did. It is alleged to be sexual conduct.”

The lawyer also pointed to the fact that Kraft’s reputation was harmed to an almost irreversible extent.

“The irreparable harm to Mr. Kraft (if it’s released before a judge can rule on its admissibility at trial) … will be absolutely catastrophic, whereas the public’s interest in seeing this video is all about prurient interest.”

Video cameras were installed in the day spa in order to trap any evidence regarding human trafficking. They came across a lot of activities, and managed to record Kraft.

The video evidence was already in doubt, and Kraft’s lawyers claim it was illegally obtained.

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