Red Sox Makes Decision On Patriots’ Involvement On Opening Day

Tuesday is a big day for Boston, and fans will have the opportunity to take part in two celebration. The Red Sox will open up the gates at Fenway Park during their home opener, and there is a big surprise for the Patriots nation.

The Red Sox won the World Series against the Dodgers. The New England Patriots did the same thing in Super Bowl LIII. The defeat of the Los Angeles Rams brought them the sixth Lombardi Trophy in the Brady-Belichick era.

The Red Sox like to respect their tradition at the Fenway opener. They celebrate every Boston title since the turn of the century, and this time they will add the championship win of the Patriots.

“We’ve invited the Patriots and we’re ecstatic they’re going to be there. It’s going to be a great day,” said Red Sox president Sam Kennedy on Thursday.

“We have an exciting day coming up on Tuesday. It has been a tough start to the season, but we’re going to celebrate Boston championships on Tuesday. We’ve had a great tradition of celebrating and recognizing Boston teams and their championships, so we’re excited to be celebrating two championships that took place.”

The Patriots and Red Sox set the pillars of the Golden Era of Boston Sports right after the Patriots won Super Bowl XXXVI in 2001. The Pats won six Super Bowls, and the Red Sox won four World Series. The Bruins and Celtics have a Stanley Cup and Larry O’Brien Trophy. Each of these championships will be on display during the celebration festivities. The Red Sox will confront the Blue Jays.

In the past, New England had some big moments at America’s Most Beloved Ballpark. Last time they celebrated their championship there, Rob Gronkowski stole Tom Brady’s jersey from Super Bowl LI and they chased each other around the field.

What will happen this year at the celebration? Kennedy didn’t want to reveal much about their plans, but we believe he’s up to something hilarious.

“We have to have some surprises,” he said. “But there will be a connection between past championship Red Sox teams and the present championship team.”

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