Tom Brady Has Epic Reaction To Rob Gronkowski Denting Lombardi Trophy

The New England Patriots will remember Rob Gronkowski for two reasons: his exceptional game on the field and the dent he left in the Lombardi Trophy the team won in Atlanta. Yes, you read that right.

Rob Gronkowski and his teammates were invited for the festivities organized at Fenway Park, and the Red Sox honored the Super Bowl champions by giving them a chance to throw out the first pitches. Gronk had too much fun throwing out pitches at the Red Sox home opener, and so did Julian Edelman and Stephon Gilmore. But, none of them left a dent on the Lombardi Trophy.

Gronk stepped in the box with his teammate, but he had no bat to do the move. The now-former tight end used the Lombardi Trophy as his lumber and laid down a bunt. Instead of just mimicking the moves, Gronk actually used the trophy. It left a dent in in.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is used to see strange things from his former teammate as they spent nine years in Foxboro. However, Brady was sure surprised to see what Gronk did with the trophy. He was a bit shaken, I must say.

Gronk’s accomplice decided to plead the fifth. He didn’t really say much about Gronk’s move and that said pretty much everything you should know.

Gronkowski will always be the funniest guy New England has ever had in the locker room. Head coach Bill Belichick praised the former tight end and his skills.

“It was a pleasure and a privilege to coach Rob Gronkowski the past nine years,” Belichick said after Gronk announced his retirement. “From his rookie year until his final season and through countless times in between, Rob was a major reason why we won games and championships. His elite combination of size, skill, intelligence, toughness and ability to perform in pressure situations set him apart.

Rob’s impact on our team and organization was felt in many ways. In the ultimate team sport, Rob was a great, great teammate. His production spoke for itself, but his daily attitude, unmistakably positive energy wherever he went and toward whoever he touched will never be forgotten. Rob will leave an indelible mark on the Patriots organization and the game as among the best, most complete players at his position to ever play.”

A mark on the organization? Or a mark on the Lombardi Trophy? Hilarious!

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