Tom Brady Shares Photo From Notre Dame, Sends Support To France

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady delivered a message of support and prayers for France after Notre Dame was caught on fire.

The quarterback shared a photo of himself posing in front of Notre Dame three years ago.

The fire destroyed a major part of the cathedral. Laurent Nuñez, a junior interior minister, said, “We have identified some vulnerabilities in the structure … notably in the vault and the north transept pinion that needs securing.”

The company involved in the renovation process says there were no workers at the site when the fire broke out.

“It is with unqualified sadness I am speaking,” Julien Le Bras said during a press conference. “The police investigation is taking place and our workers will help answer questions with no reserve whatsoever to throw light on the cause of this drama. At the moment the fire started, none of the workers of my company was present at the site. All security and fire requirements were respected.”

It was a long night for everyone. Gabriel Plus, a spokesman for the Paris fire service, said, “Throughout the night our work consisted of keeping an eye on the residue so the fire didn’t reignite and overseeing the structure of the building to make sure it didn’t collapse. We had to ensure the towers were not touched and this is the case. We are satisfied and grateful that in risking their lives [firefighters] safeguarded the structure of the two belfries, the towers – and the works of art. Now I can confirm the fire is completely out.”

Monseigneur Michel Aupetit says the world loved the cathedral, calling it the greatest symbol of France, filled with spirit and greatness, “When we arrived yesterday evening we wanted to cry and people were crying around us,” he said. “Notre Dame is a symbol, more than a symbol it is the soul of France. Notre Dame de Paris on the Île de la Cité , [in the] centre of Paris, is charged with history, with events through the centuries. It draws people, they come to look and they respect the place and they come to pray.”

We sent our thoughts and prayers to France.

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