Watch: Julian Edelman Serenades Danny Amendola In Hilarious Instagram Video

Danny Amendola was excellent with the New England Patriots, and he seems to be missing his teammates. Amendola had an excellent relationship with Jules, and the rest of the team liked him, too.

Amendola signed a contract with the Detroit Lions, but can’t forget his Patriots, especially Julian Edelman. We don’t really know anything about the reasons Amendola had to share a throwback video of the Patriots’ receiver singing The Kings’ “Lola” during their vacation in Medellin, Colombia. He was missing Edelman, there’s no other explanation for this.

“Once upon a time me and uncle Edels take on Medelin. Book coming soon,” Amendola wrote on Instagram.

You may say that Edelman can’t sing, but this video says something else. Musician Gary Clark Jr. says that the Patriot really has some range.

“Danny Amendola you shake your head but this is fire,” Clark wrote. “Edelman, I need that feture for my next album.”

Amendola was a respected player in New England and his teammates have nice memories of him. He left the team for the Miami Dolphins, and then went to Detroit. What made Amendola sign with the Lions?

“Just my relationship with Coach Patricia,” Amendola told media members when asked what made him sign with Detroit in free agency. “The experiences we’ve had together and what we’ve gone through, and just that excitement is mutual. So I’m excited to be here, exited to get started and looking forward to getting to work.”

Head coach Bill Belichick liked Danny, and he was always talking about his talent. Too bad that he is in Detroit now.

“I love Danny,” Bill Belichick said last offseason. “He did a great job for us. Great competitor. Played a lot of different roles. Tremendous person. I wish him well in the opportunity he has, other than the times we play him. I love everything that Danny brought to the team in the five years he was with us.”

Belichick isn’t the only Patriot to say words of praise for Amendola. The game between the Dolphins and Patriots was emotional in several aspects. But, the Pats lost it.

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