Watch: Tedy Bruschi Crosses Finish Line At Boston Marathon

Tedy Bruschi may be a TV personality now, but he is also a three-time Super Bowl champion. That’s not all. Now he is a three-time Boston Marathon runner. Bruschi can do it all.

The former Patriots linebacker completed the 2019 Boston Marathon on Monday. He ran Boston with his charity “Tedy’s Team” for the third time. His foundation is focused on stroke and heart-disease research. The ESPN NFL analyst ran his fist marathon in 2012.

After completing his goal, Bruschi talked to WBZ-TV’s Steve Burton and said this was his final run.

“This is a Super Bowl Ring right here,” Bruschi bragged while holding up his Boston Marathon medal. “I put it right up there with them because of everything that’s gotta go into this. I mean, Boston is fantastic for this race. My team they inspired me to run again — Tedy’s team. This is my third. Three rings, three medals and I’m out. That’s it, man.”

Bruschi revealed that going through the marathon a couple of times helped him a lot. He also trained his body to pace himself. According to Bruschi, this was his best run.

“I’ve been a rookie runner, really,” Bruschi said of the marathon. “I trained for eight second bursts for decades. I didn’t know what I was doing the first couple times, so you just sort of grind. I ran it with Hedi, my wife, the first time. I was just learning to be a runner really. This third time around I felt a lot more comfortable. Did a lot more training too. 

“I put a lot into it. It wasn’t my easiest, but I think it was my best run.”

Bruschi spent his entire football career in New England. During his time with the Patriots, he totaled 1,110 tackles, 30.5 sacks and 12 interceptions. He also helped the Patriots become this great. Bruschi was a central player in the Patriots Super Bowl winning defenses, and was named the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year in 2005 after recovering from a stroke.

Bruschi is still close with the city of Boston, and the marathon is a way to bond with his people.

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