Lakers Told Of Sensational Deal To Land Bradley Beal

The Los Angeles Lakers are given an option to try and trade for Bradley Beal. He should become their priority for the summer, and that deal will help the team sign a contract with New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis.

The front office in Los Angeles have made a few plans regarding their future moves. Signing a big name this summer is their top priority because LeBron James need some help to turn the Lakers into contenders.

Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will probably become free agents, and the Lakers have already been linked to these players. LeBron was seen talking to each of them and he has already built a strong relationship with them.

However, reports suggest that the Lakers don’t really have a chance to sign these players.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst suggested that the team needs to work on a back-up plan. Is Bradley Beal the right option?

“The difficulty with Ingram is he’s coming off the blood clot and he’s in for that contract extension,” he said on the Stephen A. Smith show. “The real thing for the Lakers to me is if you can’t get one of those A-level free agents – and to me there’s three names; Kawhi, Kyrie and Durant – if you don’t get any of those guys, what do you do with your cap space?

“If you traded for BB, you could potentially be a contender next year, get into the playoffs and maybe make a run with LeBron and BB. Then in a year if Anthony Davis wanted to come to you as a free agent and you had to free up space, then you could worry about freeing up the space then. Bradley Beal is on a short contract so you could easily manuevre him too.

“To me, the most important thing for the Lakers is what is plan B? If I’m Rob Pelinka, a guy like Bradley Beal would be plan B. You may say, why would you trade the No 4 pick for a guy you may only have for a year. I would say, because you have a 33-turning-34 LeBron James and you don’t want to waste any of those opportunities.”

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