Look: Patriots’ Duron Harmon Dresses As Jon Snow In Hilarious Instagram Post

Is Duron Harmon the greatest Game of Thrones fan? You can bet he is. The Patriots safety dressed up as Jon Snow, and his latest Instagram post is more than hilarious.

King of the Norrrrtttthhhhhhhh!!! Make sure y’all tune in Sunday for my season finale recap!! Had to go out with a bang,” the caption read.

This isn’t the first time he posts a GOT thing.

“If you play for the Patriots and watch Game of Thrones, don’t come in to workouts tomorrow talking about you didn’t get a chance to watch it! I been waiting two years for this and I will be spoiling it of you don’t watch it!” Harmon wrote on Instagram a few weeks ago.

Harmon was one of the first Patriots to react to Jamie Collins’ return.

“He’s excited to be back, so that’s always good when the excitement is there,” he told media members at Gillette Stadium on Thursday of Collins’ return. “I’m really just looking forward to seeing him out there, seeing him play with us again, building that chemistry, being teammates again and doing everything we can to make sure we got the best defense we can come the first game.

 “Obviously, we know me and Jamie came in together. We’re friends. When he went to Cleveland, we stayed in contact. We kept talking. The relationship didn’t break. But we all know Jamie, he’s a tremendous football player, (has) athletic ability through the roof. He’s gonna come in here, do what he does and earn his spot wherever it is and play hard and try to help us win football games.”

2018 was a good season for the safety. Harmon is well aware of all the mistakes his teammates made, but he also praised the good moves New England made.

“You always want to start on a positive note. That is important to play good football because you always you are going to grow and get better. The better you start, the more you can improve and the better you can be at the end of the season. I think we are playing better as a football team. We had good drops in our zone, it was a good mix of the [defensive alignment], the front seven and the secondary all playing off each other and when we do that we are a pretty good football team. I think over all we played solid but we did not play great.”

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