Klay Thompson To Lakers: Warriors Star’s Dad Drops Stunning Free Agency Revelation

The Los Angeles Lakers will try to sign a big player this summer, but it seems like Klay Thompson won’t join LeBron James.

According to Klay’s father, Mychal Thompson, his son will opt to re-sign with the Golden State Warriors.

Thompson didn’t sign the contract extension with the team last year, and the defending champions didn’t save $50 million. He is expected to become free agent this summer in order to get a max deal.

Kevin Durant will probably do the same in order to get his max contract, and the Golden State will have to make a big decision regarding their top players. Will their roster turn into an en expensive squad because of the tax penalties?

Thompson may be paid $190 million over five years from the Golden State. Durant will probably seek the full five-year, $221 million max contract only the Warriors can bring on the table.

Other teams will try to get Thompson for $140 million, and Durant’s offer will go above $164 million.

Are the Warriors ready to give the money if both stars opt to stay with the team? Several reports suggest that Durant will become a franchise player on another team. This doesn’t mean that Thompson’s future is clear, and some suggest that he is unhappy with his role on the team.

The Lakers are considered a top destination, and Mychal Thompson said something about it. He was a two-time champion with the Lakers in the 1980s. Mychal doesn’t think that his son will go to Los Angeles.

“Any advice any father or mother would give to their child in any place of employment, if you are happy where you are at, just stay where you are,” he said on the Stephen A. Smith show.

“There’s no reason to go looking for everything else if you are happy and content of where you are already, in which he definitely is.

“He loves the Bay Area, loves playing for the Warriors, loves the fans.

“It’s the second greatest franchise that he could ever play for.

“So I’d tell him to stay right where he is if he’s happy.”

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