LeBron James Had Unique Reaction To Kawhi Leonard’s Game-Winner For Raptors Vs. Sixers

Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard was brilliant against the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Lakers star LeBron James couldn’t ignore his success, and took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the series-clinching buzzer-beater.

LeBron is missing the playoffs, but he doesn’t miss a thing. Kawhi finished with 41 points, eight rebounds, three assists and three steals. Is there any chance that he signs with the Los Angeles Lakers?

Lakers reporter Harrison Faigen says that LeBron will probably use Space Jam 2 to get Kawhi on the Lakers roster.

“The only thing that makes me think this is a possibility is that all these plugged in guys have been saying, ‘well it looks like the Clippers’,” Faigen said on the Silver Screen and Roll podcast. “I just wonder… Kawhi does not seem like he’s an easy guy to read. So how do they know? And how much do the people in Kawhi’s life decide where he’s going to play and how much do they know with a guy that keeps stuff close to his chest? Other than LeBron being able to throw some of his Space Jam 2 money at him. Those are the main reasons I think there’s still a chance the Lakers could end up with Kawhi.”

Nick Wright is convinced that Kawhi Leonard is a much better option for the Los Angeles Lakers when compared to Kevin Durant and other soon-to-be free agents.

“I’d say KD is almost an impossibility,” Wright said on First Things First. “Kawhi, the door could be opening slightly ajar with the Doc Rivers supposed interest in the Lakers. That would be a big paradigm shift from the Clippers to the Lakers. And Kyrie we know is an X Factor. Tier two I think would be quite good. It wouldn’t be tier one. That’s Klay, Kemba Walker and Jimmy Butler.”

Things are getting really hot in the NBA, and the next few months will be really important for most teams. Everyone will try to get an All-Star on their roster, including the Lakers. But, they aren’t really favorites at this point.

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