LeBron James Shares Adorable Pics Of His Daughter, 4, With A Major Warning To All Future Suitors

LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of all times, but he is also a family person who is madly in love with his wife and adores their three kids. But, let’s just say that Zhuri has a special place in his heart.

The Lakers star took to Instagram to post a pic of the lovely girl, and it came packed with a nice warning for all the future suitors.

The caption was hilarious, and we noticed that Zhuri knows how to pose like a model. With her hands on her hips she looked super cute! No wonder LeBron is getting all tight about those who may try her.

“Loading up the clips right now as I type!! I dare you to try me when it comes to Daddy’s Lil Princess Z!! Promise you it won’t end well for you! ????. Ok now with that said she’s BEAUTIFUL!! ✨ Thank you @mrs_savannahrj ?❤️ #ZhuriNova?,” LeBron’s caption for read.

The girl was really stylish: jeans, red sweater and silver metallic sneakers. Let’s talk about style, shall we?

This isn’t the first time he posts a photo of Zhuri. He delivered a very special message for her birthday, too.

“On the low In my feelings right now not being home for my Princess bday celebration but when u have a great team of family around you it allows me to focus in on my job. With all that said HAPPY 4TH BEAUTIFUL DAY to Daddy Princess Zhuri Nova! Enjoy your day to the fullest!!!! ” the emotional caption for the video read.

Zhuri was the best present LeBron has ever had. She changed his life completely.

“I had two boys first, my oldest son, LeBron Jr., and my younger son, Bryce Maximus, and people always told me, if you ever have a girl she’ll change you,” he said in one occasion. “Three years ago, this bright spot right here happened to our family. And not only did she change me, she’s made me a better person. A more dedicated person, a stronger person. I guess a more sensitive person that realized that I have so much more of a responsibility to women in general. So, thank you, Zhuri,” LeBron said of Zhuri in one occasion.

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