Magic Johnson Makes Groundbreaking Statement About LeBron’s Future With Lakers

Some NBA fans were convinced that LeBron James will be traded after Magic Johnson decided to resign from his position in the front office. Johsnon appeared on ESPN’s First Take on Monday morning, and talked about the possibility that LeBron leaves the Lakers.

“It’s gonna happen,” Johnson said. “Just like me going back to my business and doing what I’m doing, LeBron’s gonna win that ‘ship. He’s going to be in that room recruiting.”

Johnson resigned from his position as the Lakers president of basketball operations on April 9 right before the very end of the regular season. He talked to Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Molly Qerin at the First Take desk to discuss his departure.

Johnson said Rob Pelinka was saying things behind his bad, but didn’t quite reveal what Pelinka said.

“If you want to elevate yourself, I’m all for that,” Johnson said. “But there’s a way to get that, and it’s not talking about the person that’s above you.”

Johnson also noted that agents contacted him and even warned him to “watch out for” Pelinka. He doesn’t regret his decision to resign from his position. Johnson also revealed that Lakers chief operating officer Tim Harris wanted to make his way over to the basketball side of the team instead of staying with the business side of the Lakers.

“I had to look inside myself,” Johnson said. “It’s too many people at the table and everybody wants to share their opinion.”

In his interview, Johnson said that one of the major reasons behind his decision to leave was his intention fo fire head coach Luke Walton and “get a  better” coach.

The Los Angeles Lakers won’t fill Johnson’s position. They hired former Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic coach Frank Vogel to replace Walton. Kurt Rambis is the special advisor for the team.

We really hope that Magic is right about LeBron’s intentions to stay with the team. But, what about all the people who encouraged Jeanie Buss to trade LeBron James? There’s zero chance that the Lakers lose LeBron, but impossible is nothing, remember? Let’s see what happens next.

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