Photos: LeBron James Spotted Having Dinner With Anthony Davis In Malibu

Cameras caught Lakers star LeBron James in Malibu. There’s nothing wrong with spending some time in Malibu, but LeBron was actually having dinner with Pelicans center Anthony Davis. A Reddit user made sure everyone knows about the meeting at Nobu.

According to another tweet, LeBron and Davis were accompanied by Russell Westbrook.

Davis didn’t hide his desire to leave the New Orleans Pelicans. He was interested in playing alongside LeBron, and the Lakers did the impossible to get him. However, the Pelicans weren’t interested in negotiating with Magic Johnson and the front office in LA. Johnson offered most of his young talents for Davis, but he got a big ‘no.’ The Lakers tried to get Davis during the February trade deadline, but New Orleans decided to keep him and see what happens this summer.

Pelicans Executive Vice President David Griffin did his best to convince Davis to stay with the Pelicans. His convincing wasn’t enough to change Davis’ plans.

Having dinner with other basketball players isn’t a bad thing and there’s no rule that prohibits it. Moreover, it’s a common practice. Let’s not forget that LeBron and Davis are represented by the same agent, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports. The Anthony Davis saga is enough for us to imagine the conversation they had in Malibu.

LeBron has already said that he will help the team recruit other players in order to boost the roster. Each piece will fall into place, and we can already see Davis wearing the Lakers uniform. LeBron is determined to help the team fix the roster, and hopefully, he will succeed in doing that.

The young Lakers had trouble coping with the Anthony-related rumors. Fans of other teams used this to distract their attention during games. Brandon Ingram was yelled at, and furious fans said that LeBron was going to trade him. Of course, this is just tactics of those who tried really hard to steal the players’ attention.

Things are getting interesting in the big city. LeBron and the crew are hunting for stars, and let’s just hope that they will land one. Who is coming to LA?

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