Report: Kerr’s ‘Prodding’ Could Be Why Durant Leaves Warriors

Where will Kevin Durant go this summer? Will he stay with the Golden State Warriors? Will he join the New York Knicks? Are the Los Angeles Lakers even an option?

There are so many questions regarding Durant’s future plans, and it seems like each of them is related to the Warriors head coach Steve Kerr.

Latest report suggest that Durant may opt out of his final year with the team because of the prodding from Kerr.

“But one front office executive said that Durant has been unhappy with the prodding from Steve Kerrand the feeling that he never can be — no matter how great he performs and how many individual honors he compiles — the centerpiece of a team that holds Steph Curry in the hearts of the franchise,” Steve Popper reported.

Fox Sports 1’s NBA Insider Chris Broussard went on Undisputed with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to address the report.

We believe there will be even more theories and predictions regarding the Warriors and their star player. Durant’s manager confirmed that Durant hasn’t made a decision yet.

“No, no, no, no,” Rich Kleiman said about the rumors. “That is 100 per-cent undecided. I’m waiting on Kevin, and that’s the truth. I think there’s this feeling that everything is like war games, but when someone gets to the level of basketball he’s at, you can’t juggle focus like that. He’s not scripting his future while he’s playing the way he plays and practicing the way he practices. I think it’s frustrating at times. I get it, even when I was a kid, the soap opera stuff was exciting, but now it’s more soap opera than basketball. He really doesn’t know, and I really don’t know.”

Warriors owner, Joe Lacob, believes that both Durant and Klay Thompson will stay on his team.

“’The season is still ongoing,’ Lacob said. ‘We are not finished. I have no new ideas or data for you. We love Klay and KD and intend to attempt to re-sign them. Period. I am confident about BOTH of them.’”

LeBron James is in recruiting mode, and he will sure bring an All-Star in LA.


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