Report: Kyrie Irving Needs LeBron James, Surprise Trade Talks

The Los Angeles Lakers need another superstar on their roster, and Kyrie Irving is often mentioned in rumors. The Boston Celtics star has already played alongside LeBron James, but their story didn’t end well and Irving demanded a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Things got better lately, and Irving apologized his former teammate. This was enough for pundits to start talking about the possible reunion.

NBA legend Reggie Miller says that Irving is unable to lead a team on his own, suggesting that he should definitely team up with LeBron James.

The Boston Celtics didn’t have a good season, and there were problems in the locker room. The team lost the second round to the Milwaukee Bucks. Everyone is now focused on irving and his future plans with the team. Most fans are convinced that he will leave the Celtics.

Will Irving join LeBron in Los Angeles? They have been in contact this campaign, and Miller says he should join LeBron.

“I can see him re-teaming with LeBron in L.A.,” he said on the Dan Patrick Show. “He made the experiment and rightly so. Every player has this right to do this, he wanted to see if he could lead a team. It didn’t work out and I love Kyrie, but in my opinion, Kyrie could be one of the greatest Scottie Pippen’s ever to a Michael Jordan. He is that good, but I don’t think he’s that No 1.”

The Lakers are expected to make a few moves this summer, and they will probably trade some of their young players. If you ask Miller, he will say that Kyle Kuzma should stay on the roster.

“Of all the Lakers, I’m keeping Kyle Kuzma,” he added. “You can get rid of everyone else. As long as they keep Kyle Kuzma, I’m alright with that.”

The Lakers will have to play really smart this summer, and they shouldn’t make more mistakes. They have lost Magic Johnson and Luke Walton is replaced, and hopefully, the front office will improve the dysfunctional team. Let’s see what happens in July. It will be really interesting.

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