Report: Who LeBron James Wants As Los Angeles Lakers Coach

LeBron James isn’t really involved in the team’s search for a new head coach. The Los Angeles Lakers parted ways with Luke Walton, and have to hire a head coach this offseason. King James didn’t try to pressure his team to hire someone, but he sure has a favorite when it comes to picking the next Lakers coach. LeBron hasn’t said anything about it, but it’s more than obvious that he would pick former Cleveland Cavaliers coach Ty Lue.

If the team gets turned down by another candidate, they will have to hire Lue. Everyone knows that Lue is a good coach, but he isn’t a great one. LeBron has great respect for his former coach, and he could easily transfer this to this teammates.

Hiring Lue may not be the ideal solution, but that move would definitely prevent any problems in the locker rooms. That wasn’t the case of Luke Walton and his time in LA. This move will help the players commit to something. That’s better than nothing, right?

Kevin Love is convinced that Lue is the right person to replace Walton.

“I love Ty Lue,” Love said. “I think it would be, definitely, if he’s not their first pick he should be right there at the top. Because he’s an unbelievable X’s and O’s guy, a players’ coach, a guy that’s very approachable that you can talk to, and I think that the personnel that they have, he would be great. As well as already having, feeling familiar and being familiar with LeBron and having that not only friendship but being able to coach LeBron and get in his ear because Ty really knows the game and he’s been around.

“He’s an L.A. guy. It doesn’t always work well for people like that but I think that Ty Lue is a guy that he’s made to coach a team like LA and either inherit or take over a great team like we had [in Cleveland] but also build a culture, build a team and know how to deal with each and every player as an individual.”

Let’s see if Lue gets the job.

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