Roger Goodell Addresses Potential Robert Kraft Discipline

Patriots owner robert Kraft may face discipline from the NFL after being involved in the major prostitution scandal in Florida. Commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t say much at the NFL’s spring meeting.

Goodell sort of reiterated the message he sent at the NFL annual meeting in March. He didn’t mention a discipline, and the league will conduct an investigation into Kraft’s case.

“NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says on #Patriots owner Robert Kraft, he won’t speculate on discipline and adds the league will be gathering its own facts on the situation,” Ian Rapoport tweeted. “No resolution until his legal matter is concluded.”

Goodell is serious about the scandal. He said, “I’m not going to speculate on the last part about discipline. But, yes, of course we’ll be gathering our own facts to try to understand what actually transpired as we would in any case.”

In March, the NFL Commissioner revealed that the NFL is conducting a fact-finding investigation. The findings will determine Kraft’s “destiny.”

“I think we said several weeks ago, the personal conduct policy applies to everybody,” Goodell said of the scandal. “Commissioners, owners, executives, players, coaches, and it will be applied to everybody. But it will be done after we get all the facts and we have all the information. We will be fair and smart about it, and that’s what we will do.”

The Patriots owner may face discipline even if the court doesn’t find him guilty. Or maybe the NFL will just warn him.

Kraft’s trial is on hold. Judge Leonard Hanser ruled to suppress the spa video that shows him receiving sex service at Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter on Jan. 19 and Jan. 20. The judge ruled to suppress the video evidence because of the method police officers used to get it.

If the Patriots owner is disciplined under the league’s personal conduct policy, he may face a suspension. The Patriots should focus on extending Tom Brady’s contract in case that happens. Let’s hope that things won’t go too far. The Patriots won the Super Bowl, and this was the last scenario everyone hoped for.

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