Steph Curry Explains Draft-Day Emotions Being Picked By Warriors, Not Knicks

Stephen Curry is one of the greatest basketball players today, but his draft day didn’t go the way he planned. He was drafted by the Golden State Warriors, but the New York Knicks were his first option.

Curry really wanted to go to New York.

“They were picking at the eight spot, so they had told me ‘you’re on the board at eight, we’re going to take you,” Curry said in his interview during episode five of “Stephen vs The Game.”

“So going into the draft, that’s a good feeling to have.”

Blake Griffin was the first to go, and he joined the Los Angeles Clippers.

So, teams picked their point guards, and Curry was still on his table. “That kind of threw me for a loop, and I was like hmm that’s weird,” Curry said. 

His confidence was shaken. Former NBA Commissioner David Stern was still on stage, and he announced the seventh pick.

“With the seventh pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, the Golden State Warriors select Stephen Curry.”

Curry didn’t see it coming. He couldn’t hide his reactions. He didn’t plan it. Knicks fans were angry. They wanted Curry on the floor. The young Curry put his head down and even banged his fist twice. No, he wasn’t upset. He just didn’t know how to act.

Today, Curry is all-in when it comes to supporting his team. In one of his latest interviews, the player addressed the criticism his team has been receiving lately.

“I feel like for the last three years, everybody has taken their shots at trying to nitpick or break us down or drive a wedge in our team chemistry or our togetherness or whatever the case is,” Curry said of the criticism. “And even this year, it’s been amplified even more with (Durant’s) free-agency stuff. Nobody can say anything without it getting scrutinized or criticized. Nobody can be happy when people are playing well. That’s the part, to me, that’s most surprising. If it’s KD playing well, it’s ‘Oh, they’re playing a different style and it’s not as fun to watch.’ Or when he’s out and we’re winning games, ‘Are we better or more fun,’ whatever the question is, you hear it all the time.”

“We are one group, until we’re not,” Curry said. “I don’t think we’re going to let any noise around us – as frustrating or entertaining or whatever you want to call it is on a daily basis – break us down in terms of distracting us from what the goal is.

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