Tom Brady Shares Hot Picture Of Gisele Ending Up On The Cover Of Top Magazine

Gisele Bundchen is an incredible woman. She features in the June cover of Elle Spain, and let’s just say that the pic is brilliant.

Gisele may be out of the runways, but she is in a better shape than ever. Tom Brady’s wife showed off her toned legs and donned amazing black bikini bottoms for the cover.

Brady’s wife is an environmental activist, and this cover was the perfect way to focus on the “eco-green” topic.

In the first shot, the supermodel mom sits ont he edge of a wooden hot tub deck. She looks really relaxed and one of her really long legs is exttended. The string bikini bottoms? Just amazing! She wears a baggy black and white knit sweater and wool socks underneath the Birkenstock sandals. Her curls are brilliant. As always.

In another pic, Brady’s wife wore a high necked tan shirt and little makeup. Her green eyes are in the main focus here. Elle praised the supermodel and called her an “activist icon.”

Brady didn’t miss the opportunity to say how proud he is.

Gisele plays an important role in environmental protection and has become a vocal environmental activist. She defended the Amazon rainforests in the past.

Brady’s wife planted trees in Nairobi’s Kibera and cleaned the river near Horizontina through the Projeto Agua Limpa. Gisele established the clean-water initiative with the help of her loved ones.

Gisele also starred in National Geographic’s docuseries Years of Living Dangerously. The main focus was representing and discussing the problems caused by deforestation and climate change.

The supermodel seems to be fine with her life now. She retired few years ago, and brought the decision using two pieces of paper.

“I was certainly grateful for the opportunity and the financial security the company had given me, but I was at a different place in my life, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue working there,” she said after leaving Victoria’s Secret. “I crumpled up two small pieces of paper and placed them inside a empty teacup. I closed my eyes and set an intention: whatever piece of paper I chose would be for my highest and best self and be the right decision. ‘No’ was the answer I unconsciously wanted to hear. It was also the answer my body wanted to hear, and I believe, had been trying to tell me for days.”

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