Tom Brady’s ‘Tom Vs. Time’ Docuseries Won Sports Emmy, QB Reaction Is Priceless

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would win every award he is put up for. He always comes home with a reward. The GOAT dominates the football field, and his greatness goes well beyond it. Brady won an Emmy thanks to his Tom vs. Time docuseries.

The Patriots quarterback won a Sports Emmy on Monday for Outstanding Serialized Sports Documentary. Brady took to his Twitter to celebrate the big win.

“Proud and humbled. Find your deepest purpose,” he wrote.

The six-episode series were aired between January and March of 2018 and included details of his game on the field. Fans could also follow his training regimen and home life.

Brady’s series was up against HBO’s “Being Serena,” focused on tennis legend Serena Williams, ESPN+’s “Quest for the Stanley Cup” and Prime Video’s “All or Nothing” series based on the Dallas Cowboys and Manchester City F.C.

The quarterback now has six Super Bowl rings and three MVPs. Fans started asking – is he ready to go for the EGOT?

Director Gotham Chopra directed Facebook Watch series and was amazed with the way Brady handled his career and kept his private life private.

Chopra helped us take a look at the Patriots quarterback on and off the field. “In an unscripted environment, there are certain things that at least you can plan around,’’ said Chopra. “Unfortunately, for us Patriots fans, the ending of that Super Bowl was not one of them. I’d say the last Super Bowl was much more satisfying, definitely.’’

Stephen Curry was involved in a similar project. “I kind of joke about that, because one of the things about Steph is that he’s about as conflict-free as it gets,’’ said Chopra. “When you’re telling a story, you’re always on the lookout for what the conflict might be. But he doesn’t really have any. His family is great, his teammates love him, he’s kind to the fans, has a great reputation around the league. Maybe the conflict comes in the unforeseen roadblocks that get in the way of his quest.’’

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