Warriors GM Bob Myers Reveals His Thoughts About Re-Signing Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant

With the NBA Finals behind us, the focus has now been switched toward a free agency period that’s expected to be one of the most exciting in recent history.

Two of the biggest free agents come by way of Oakland, as both Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson see their current contracts with the Warriors come to an end.

However, Golden State is surely not going to let those guys walk that easily. In fact, there have been speculations that they both will be offered a 5-year max deal in order to stay.

Both Durant and Thompson suffered injuries that will keep them sidelined for a good amount of time next season, but they’ve still got potential for major success. So, it’s no wonder that other teams might be after them for the following season. Durant has been linked with New York and Brooklyn, whereas Klay has been heavily connected with the Lakers.

Warriors general manager Bob Myers spoke about their contracts:

“Those guys are highly important to us and deserve of being rewarded in the right manner. … Try to keep those guys within these walls as best you can,” Myers said 

It’s up to Warriors to try to use the hometown card and supermax contracts to convince them both to return to Golden State next season. Although, that’ll probably take a lot of financial tinkering as well.

Regardless of what unfolds, free agency period will definitely be very interesting and we’re impatient to see what will happen.

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