Gisele Bundchen Talks On Tom Brady’s Hidden Dad Talents

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is more than an awesome football player. He is an awesome dad, and his kids are more than happy. Brady is really busy throughout the season, but he always finds time for his three kids. Gisele always talks about the love Brady has for the kids, and even revealed some of his dad talents.

“Happy Father’s Day my love,” Gisele woThere’s no words to describe how much you mean to us. There’s nothing that we love more than being with you! Besides being the best tickler, pancake maker and hair cuter in the world you are the best dad ! Thank you for always making us feel safe and for loving us the way that you do. We love you so much!”

Brady is a lucky man, and he has the greatest supporters in the world.

“I’ll talk to my son Jack about the game and what he thought of the game and he’ll be like, ‘Dad, what were you doing on this play!? Why didn’t you just do this!?’ He watches football and his buddies talk about football and that’s just a great thing for a dad, and for all of us when our kid’s are interested in what we’re doing. My son Benny, I don’t know if he’ll watch one play in the game but the fact that he gets popcorn and a bunch of junk food is what I think he looks forward to.

“And V, she’s the little cheerleader. She’ll tell me, ‘Hey Daddy, did you hear me? I said go daddy go!’ And I’ll go, ‘Of course I heard you!’ The kids bring so much perspective to our lives and they’re just the most beautiful things in our life, so joyful. The fact that they’re getting older and they get to share this with me is really creating so many memories, obviously for them, but for me too in ways that were different when I was younger. So it’s really a cool thing for them to be here.”

This family is really cute, and we can’t wait to see the next pics of their family outings.

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