Report: Jimmy Butler Hints At Potentially Joining LeBron After AD Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers got Anthony Davis on the roster, and it seems like the trade will actually help them get another All-Star. The team has always planned to sign three big names, and they got two at the moment. Who is the next player to join LeBron James? Is it Kyrie Irving? Is it Kevin Durant? We will have to wait until July to find out. However, one particular activity on social media attracted everyone’s attention and it involves Jimmy Butler.

Bleacher Report posted a photo of LeBron and Davis in Lakers uniforms, and Butler liked it.

Butler has already done this. Last offseason, he liked posts about his potential decision to change teams. One of them involved him teaming up with Kyrie Irving. Both players will be free agents this offseason, and we can’t really say more about his next destination.

Truth is, he did change teams last offseason. Butler requested a trade in the offseason and joined the Philadelphia 76ers. In other words, his social media activity can tell us something about Butler’s future plans.

The 76ers are considered favorites at the moment. The team can offer Butler a five-year deal worth $190 million. The Lakers may offer him a four-year deal worth $140 million. Butler wanted to change teams because the Timberwolves wouldn’t provide enough cap space to extend him early. He is all-in when it comes to accepting good deals, and no other team would match the offer he’d get from the 76ers.

The Lakers are talented at the moment, but the 76ers are ready to win championships, too. They were excellent against the Toronto Raptors.

This doesn’t change the fact that Butler loves Los Angeles. He has never played alongside someone like LeBron, and big players like Davis can do wonders. Butler, Davis and LeBron would bring the Lakers up, and they will turn into contenders instantly.

This summer will be really interesting for every team in the NBA, and the Lakers will do their best to sign a big star. Well, the only thing we can do is wait and see what happens next.

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