Ben Watson Releases Awesome Statement About Tom Brady’s Greatness

Ben Watson is 38, and he came out of retirement to join the New England Patriots in the 2019 season. The NFL had a big surprise for him, and Watson will miss the first four games of the regular season due to his PEDs suspension.

Playing alongside Tom Brady is such a brilliant thing, and Watson has nothing but words of praise for his teammate. Brady has accomplished so much throughout his career, and Watson respects that.

“I’m going to listen to everything he does,” he said. “I’m 38 — not quite where he is — but all the tips that he does, I need to do the same thing. I gotta stay on the field too.”

Brady has a contagious enthusiasm toward the game, and that’s what Watson likes the most about the GOAT.

“Even before we got out here, in the locker room he was like ‘It’s gonna be a good day,’” he said. “He had an excitement about going out and playing football, going out and competing, doing his craft. For me watching that, that’s contagious. It’s not only contagious for me, it’s contagious for all the guys in the locker room to see that there’s a guy at his level that still enjoys doing it after all these years.”

TB12 is nothing like the other players. He’s the guy that likes winning championships.

“People talk about money, people talk about fame, he enjoys competing,” Watson said. “He enjoys winning. Anybody that’s good at their job, doing their job, there has to be something outside of the external that you enjoy doing to keep you going for that long at that level.

In his lengthy Facebook status, Watson mentioned the chance he was given by New England.

“Ultimately I decided to pursue another year and on May 9 the Patriots offered me a contract in spite of these circumstances. I am excited and thankful to return to New England but very disappointed that I will not be able to play and contribute immediately. This is not how I would want to enter a new locker room and attempt to earn my role on a new team. However, I respect the regulations that have been collectively bargained to promote fairness on the field of play and accept the discipline associated with my infraction.”

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