Celebrate Father’s Day With Adorable Video Of Patriots Players’ Children

The New England Patriots have always done something special for Father’s Day.

This time, the Patriots official Instagram account shared a cute video of Patriots players’ kids, and it’s probably the most emotional thing you will see on the Internet today.

New England has won six Super Bowls in the Brady-Belichick era, meaning there are some super dads on the roster. Being a dad means being a super hero, and parenthood changed these guys a lot.

In 2017, seven babies were born to six Patriots families. Six then-Patriots players talked about parenthood and all the joys and frustration it brings, including offensive tackle Nate Solder (daughter Charlie), running back Brandon Bolden (daughter, Axelle), safety Devin McCourty (daughter Londyn), fullback James Develin (son Will), wide receiver Chris Hogan (twin son and daughter Chase and Parker), and cornerback Stephon Gilmore (daughter Gisele).

“It’s straight man-to-man coverage with twins,” Hogan said at the time. “When I go home, especially during this time, back-and-forth between OTAs and minicamp, I like to give my wife, Ashley, a break at night. I will take them during the night and feed them and change them and do all that. Other than that, we really do most of it together because it requires two sets of hands.”

“The hardest part is just not knowing what she needs at different points,” McCourty explained. “We had a little stretch where she wasn’t gaining weight so we had to go see some specialists and that was nerve-wracking, sitting there and her going through different tests and not knowing, but trying to help. She ended up just having reflux, but there would be times when she was just crying and you can’t help out. You just can’t communicate with her in any way, and to me that was the hardest part—just trial and error until you figure it out and can calm her down.”

Gilmore said, “Now that we have two kids, we play man-to-man now, but before we could switch off and get a little break. Now we gotta pretty much have one every moment. The only time we get time to ourselves is when they are asleep at night.”

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